Services We offer

Mulching & Earth Moving

With so many uses – pathway clearing, vegetation management,  general maintenance, fire tracks, property reclamation, power-line clearance, access for survey crews, invasive species removal, fence line clearing, food plots, hunt camps, utility easement clearing, etc., Forestry Mulching with Back to Earth Mulching is your first choice for all of your heavy brush removal needs.

The best part is no haul off!  Our mulching process allows residential and commercial property owners to experience the benefits of forestry mulching.

The ability to preserve land while still removing unwanted trees and brush makes our forest tree mulcher the most environmentally-friendly land clearing method in the industry.

Our high powered forest and tree mulcher is designed to clear away trees, stumps, and brush by grinding organic material into mulch. Clearing land with mulching preserves the land’s top soil and grass, thereby clearing trees with minimal damage to the environment.

  • Clear land and trees
  • Create a Fire Break
  • Mulch undergrowth
  • Turn a forest into mulch
  • Remove stumps
  • Prepare land for development

New Driveway Installs

Quarry Lays and Delivery 

To move quarry supplies safely and quickly to and from your project site, Back to Earth Mulching have a range of road trucks and tipper trucks  and much more. We maintain all of our road trucks to an exceptionally high standard to ensure they’re ready to move quarry supplies when you need them. We guarantee on-time and safe delivery for all of your quarry products with our competent and experienced drivers behind the wheel.

Along with delivery of quarry materials, we also lay and the product for you!

We’ve now been able to source Natural River Stone locally which we can deliver to the area!
These stones can be used in a variety of different applications around your property including but definitely not limited to driveways, pathways, around the garden. They come in two different sizes that can be used around your property.
If you’ve like to get some more information on quarry products we deliver that could work for your property please feel free to call or text Peter on 0455100980 or alternatively send us an email at
We deliver locally sourced quarry products to Agnes, Rosedale, Deepwater, Baffle creek & surrounding districts
DM or call 0455100980

Why choose us? 

Work Ethic: 
We prioritise an ability to work harder than others and recognise that the quality of our work is a constant reflection of the effort we put into it.

Attention to Detail:
Listening to your desired outcome gives us a clear understanding, which is why we pay exceptionally close attention to detail through the course of our work. Close enough is, quite simply, not good enough.


Where do you work?
We work anywhere. We are set up to travel upon request.

How do you price jobs?
Our simple quote structure is based on a per acre/hectare, per hour, per day estimation. Our quotes are an honest and competitive appreciation of the required scope of any given job. Fixed-fee jobs are available upon request.

What equipment do you have?
Our equipment includes a Caterpillar 299D2 XHP CTL (Compact track loader) coupled with an AFE Extreme disc mulcher, 4 in 1 bucket, pallet forks (lifts 1.5 ton).12 11-tonne tip truck towing an 11 ton plant trailer.

This is RiverStone Rock – This can be delivered or laid for use on driveways, pathways and garden beds.

Driveway clearance getting ready for a fresh lay of quary materials .