Before and after

Before and after

Showing the dramatic results that can be achieved by using our specialised mulching equipment.

before and after mulching

Fire Break

A recent job below at a nature reserve.

We were asked to open up a wider and safer fire break with an extra 10m section carved out beside this once overgrown track. As you can clearly see the original track is the width of the vehicle. We’ve been able to make this area a lot safer and potentially protect this reserve from the spread of fire. This can make a massive impact during the summer months

Before 10m Firebreak beside track Selectively cleared & Mulched at Nature Reserve


Here we’ve shown a large woodpile that has been effortlessly reduced to rich and organic mulch by running the wood through our powerful mulching machinery.

Before mulching a wood pile

Before and after tidying this Agnes Water Property.

Selectively clearing access to a property in Agnes Water. As you can see from this overgrown property on the top pictures, we were able to clear the bulk of the undergrowth without destroying the trees. (shown on the bottom few pics) No burn piles. No mess just mulch. Nature’s fertiliser.

Selectively clearing access to property in Agnes Water No burn piles No mess just mulch