Why Mineralised Mulching?

Specialised Equipment

Our 200/U/SONIC Hydraulic Mulching Head Unit is the latest industry state-of-the-art vegetation mulching technology – that enables land clearing and vegetation management outcomes that are environmentally sensitive.

The 200/U/SONIC combines compact manoeuvrability with the performance of larger machines. It is strong and highly productive for mulching bushes, branches and trees up to 35 cm in diameter.

Our equipment removes the need to bulldozers to push trees and vegetation, piling of logs and brush on your property, and then removal or disposal by burning.

This reduces adverse environmental impacts of these traditional approaches to land clearing and vegetation management, and reduces the overall costs associated with vegetation management.

Environmentally Sustainable Land Clearing Services

Sustainable land clearing approaches reduces the impact soil disturbances may contribute to environmental issues like soil erosion or allowing the establishing of noxious weeds.

Mineralised mulching returns mulched vegetation directly back to the soil at the time of mulching, which assist in stabilising the soil structure and improving the soil regenerative and productive potential after vegetation has been cleared.

This environmentally sustainable approach to vegetation management and land clearing does not introduce waste piles of cleared vegetation or large tracks of earth scared by bulldozer blades pushing away valuable top-soil with the vegetation being cleared.

The soil is stabilised by the mulching process that combines the mulched and shredded vegetation in with soil – producing soil that is capable of returning to an improved productive state much faster than through traditional land clearing methods.

Reduced Cost of Land Clearing

Our mineralised mulching approach reduces your overall land clearing costs:

  • reduces overall wet-hire or dry-hire costs of bulldozers, excavators, or dump-trucks etc…
  • reduces federal/state/council permit costs associated with holding waste vegetation prior to haulage for disposal
  • reduces costs for disposal of waste vegetation
  • reduces overall periods of day-hire of traditional land clearing equipment


Improved Productive Value of Land

Mineralised mulching improves the productive value of your land and reduces the time for soil regeneration.

Mineralised mulching evenly redistributes mulched vegetation into the soil and over the ground, providing the soil with a layer of nutrition as it decays and promotes new growth.

before and after mulching